Agility Footwork

Dog Brothers Inc.
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DBMA Training DVD "Agility Footwork": From the very beginning DBMA has always put a very heavy emphasis on footwork for real; be it Top Dog's amazing footwork in the second tape of the Real Contact Stick Fighting series, my "Combining Stick & Footwork" or "Dos Trique" or "Kali Tudo", or Guro Lonely's "Cycle Drills". With "Footwork Agility" Guro Lonely will show you how he trains to achieve the outstanding footwork agility he and his students display when they fight.

  • Size
    237 MB
  • Duration
    38 minutes
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    720 x 576 px
  • Size237 MB
  • Duration38 minutes
  • Resolution720 x 576 px
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Agility Footwork

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